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What can I do?

I can build you something from scratch, or I can take your existing site / service and learn it, improve it, integrate or maintain it. I will give you exactly the advice you need both from a technical and a user experience point of view.

Over 15 years experience delivering software for small (and large) businesses has given me a deep understanding of commercial pressures and dynamic priorities. I am a strong advocate of agile, iterative development processes and will always recommend the most pragmatic, balanced solution to your problems.


I am forever working to expand my skill set so if you use something I am not familiar with yet, I'll happily throw myself into learning it!


  • Pyramid
  • Django
  • Plone
  • Zope
  • SQL Alchemy
  • ZODB
  • Postgres
  • Alembic


  • SFDX
  • Apex
  • OAuth Plugins
  • Lightning Experience (LEX)
  • Lightning Web
    Components (LWC)
  • Skuid
  • API Integrations


  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Coffeescript
  • KnockoutJS
  • jQuery
  • Gulp / Grunt
  • Node


  • Responsive Flow
  • Semantic Markup
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Less / SASS
  • Wordpress


  • Ansible
  • AWS inc Autoscaling
  • Heroku
  • Rackspace
  • CentOS
  • Shell Scripting

Mobile / PWA

  • Ionic 4
  • Cordova
  • Native Extensions
  • IOS
  • Android


  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Raspberry PI
  • C



I've worked on a great many projects over the years, both for myself and for others. Here are a small handful of my recent favourites.

Cat in a Flat

A current client of mine, over the years I've shared responsibility for all aspects of their platform's growth. Migration to a mobile first design, implementation of a hybrid style Android / IOS App, integrating payment processing, internationalisation and translation, autoscaling and performance improvements. All this and more.

Citizen Space

One of three products sold by Delib and by far the most widely used. Citizen Space is an online consultation tool built for governments both local and national; with the aim of making the democratic process more accessible, engaging, and transparent. Responsibilities for all three products run the whole software lifecycle, from architecting, to building, to maintaining, scaling, and migrating / retiring.


My personal project. Currently under development. Built as a progressive web app in Ionic / Cordova, supported by a Django backed API, this app intends to take learning music theory to a whole new, gamified level of fun! Coming soon to an app store near you!